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We have a wide range of website services specifically for your business needs. Our promotion services help you to best reach your target audience.

From optimising your websites for maximum search engine hits to flash animations and banner advertising. We offer a wide range of website promotion services.

Please see below for a run down of the website design services we offer:

  • Webname and Hosting Registration
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Flash Animation
  • Advertising Banner Design

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Website Design Services Ablaze Graphics Website Design Services

  Ablaze Graphics Website Promotion Deals

Ablaze Graphics offer website promotion & website services in the following areas:

Webname and Hosting Registration

If you wish to create a website yourself. We offer an inexpensive and high quality webname registration and web hosting service.

The Ablaze Graphics Webname and Hosting Registration includes email addresses, website visitor statistics, a secure server for credit card transactions, ASP/PHP support and SQL, Access Database, Javascript support.

This service is also suitable for companies wishing to secure their web presence from competitors but havent yet decided upon a suitable website design and plan.

    Package Includes

  • Hosting for 1 year
  • Webname Registration for 2 years
  • Webname Email Addresses
  • Website Visitor Statistics
  • Secure Server for Credit Cards
  • ASP / PHP Support
  • SQL / Access Database
Ablaze Graphics Webname and Hosting Registration Ordering Contact us about Webname and Hosting Registration

Price: 鹼/h2>

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short) is a vital part of every website. Without it you are unlikely to be able to achieve good search engine rankings for your targetted keywords. Without good search engine rankings your customers and target audience will not be able to find you.

To achieve a good search engine ranking it is vital that your website is optimised in the following areas; title tags, meta tags, alt tags, content of website, submital to search engines, links, internal linking and incoming links.

Luckily for you we are search engine optimisation experts. We offer a three fold plan for great Search Engine Rankings; Firstly optimise your website for search engines and your targetted keywords, secondly place incoming links on other websites leading to yours and thirdly submit your website to all the major search engines and many thousands of other search engines. This should help you to achieve great search engine rankings. We will also provide you with a plan for maintaining your search engine rankings in the future.

    Package Includes

  • Title Tags Optimisation
  • Meta Tags Optimisation
  • Alt Tags Optimisation
  • Content Optimisation
  • Submital to Search Engines
  • Internal Linking
  • Links
  • Incoming Links
Ablaze Graphics Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Contact us about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Price: ఠ+ థr page

Flash Animation

Flash animations are a brilliant addition to any website as well as for other mediums such as multi-media cd-roms and presentations as well as video and film.

The header animation and buttons at the top of this website is a flash animation. Animation is a very versatile tool. We are capable of providing a wide range of animations. Please contact us as the variety of animations possible means it is hard to quote until we know what it is you require.

    Package Includes

  • Inital Design Discussion
  • Several Visuals
  • Story Board
  • Flash Animation
  • Integration into Website
Ablaze Graphics Flash Animation Contact us about Flash Animation

Price: Contact Us

Animated Advertising Banner Design

An animated web banner and inclusion in web banners exchange schemes is an affective way to achieve further visitors to your website.

After an initial meeting (via email, phone or face to face) regarding the main points you want to get across in your web banner and the style required, we will provide several visuals and from that a storyboard and then the web banner.

An animated web banner is normally 468x60 pixels big unless otherwise stated. We can design to any specifications. It can be a flash animation or an animated gif, depending on your preference.

We also include 'Semi Targeted Free Banner Exchange' to start you off. There are several free banner exchanges. These usually work on about an 80:100 ratio (they vary; I use the highest ratios first). This requires that you have banners on your site (its an exchange). They roughly targeted different groups of websites, from which you can opt in and out.

The other option, which costs more, but doesnt require you to have banners on your own website is known as Paid Inclusion Targeted Banner. This is often on a pay per click format or a monthly fee. They are alot more targetted to specific audiences, and generally more effective.

    Package Includes

  • Inital Design Discussion
  • Several Visuals
  • Story Board
  • Flash / GIF Animation
  • Inclusion in Banner Exchanges
Ablaze Graphics Animated Advertising Banner Design Contact us about Animated Advertising Banner Design

Price: 鵼/h2>

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