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Libraries must be free of external noise

Libraries & Eductional Facilities

Educational facilities, such as schools, colleges & universities, often have a wide range of activities occurring in the same building. You may have a band practising in one room and students quietly studying in the next.

Similarly libraries are often community hubs where additional activities may be taking place in adjacent rooms and buildings or outside noise may be an issue. Either way it is crucial for successful usage, that these rooms are acoustically separated from unwanted vibrations & noise.

Distracting noise can adversely affect students in quiet areas (some studies have shown that noise can reduce productivity by up to 66%), therefore libraries and educational facilities such as; lecture halls, classrooms and music halls in; schools, colleges and universities all need to be acoustically isolated or ‘sound proofed’ from external noise and vibration. Students & teachers may need to be able to learn in quiet in one room whilst musical instruments or sports practice occurs in another.

Mason UK have a wide range of acoustic and vibration control products that stop noise travelling through buildings, ensuring that your library or school is always quiet whilst the band or sports team can practise as loudly as they want.

We can isolate ceilings, floors, and walls separately or for total acoustic control we can use all three in a method known as the ‘Box in box’ technique.

Special Rooms

Should your University or College require vibration isolation of laboratories, or other sensitive equipment and machinery then Mason UK can help. We have a range of products specially designed to cope with vibration control and other acoustic requirements; such as inertia bases, floating floors and air springs. As well as accompanying products; flexible pipe connectors and acoustic pipe hangers. For more details on this please go to the ‘Science and Medical’ page via the ‘Applications’ drop down menu at the top of the screen.

Similarly you may have plant rooms or a recording studio or even a student union bar! You will find detailed information on the isolation of each of these types of rooms, via the ‘Applications’ drop down menu.


The level of acoustic isolation needed can be adjusted to reflect your projects particular needs, taking into consideration; noise sources, frequencies and budget.

Past projects can be viewed in the dark grey strip running down the right hand side of the screen. This may be useful for you to see what we have done in the past for projects similar to yours. All our designs are bespoke so don’t worry if your project is different, we will find a solution for your acoustic needs!

Because of the large range of potential structure types, uses of rooms and acoustic & vibration requirements we recommend that you contact one of our knowledgeable acoustic engineers using the information in the blue bar to your left, or by clicking the ‘Contact’ tab in the menu above it.

      Typical Products Used

Rubber Mounts & Pads

Anti-vibration rubber mounts & pads, in neoprene or L.D.S rubber, are available to suit a wide range of applications. Mason U.K. can help select the most appropriate solution for your application. Click below to learn more.

Hangers & Ceilings

Acoustic suspended ceilings are an excellent way of preventing airborne noise from below passing into the ceiling structure, or preventing noise/vibration from the floor above entering the room below. Mason U.K. has a very large range of acoustic hangers available, click below to view.

Isolated Walls

The walls of a space sensitive to noise or vibration transmission need to be isolated from the main building structure. The walls can be built on a floating floor or specially designed wall support plates. Click below to learn more.

L.D.S Rubber Hangers

Our acoustic, LDS rubber (prev neoprene) hangers may be used for suspending ceilings or mechanical plant. Used where the disturbing vibration frequency is high. Click below to view this range of products

Concrete Floating Floors

This is an introduction to Mason UK concrete acoustic floating floor systems. There are 3 main systems; LDS rubber FSN jack-up, FS spring jack-up & EAFM form work. These acoustic floating floor systems are used to acoustically isolate a room from its surroundings. Please click below to learn more

Spring Floating Floors PDF
Mason UK Ltd -  Spring Floating Floors PDF View Datasheet

Rubber Floating Floors PDF
Mason UK Ltd -  Rubber Floating Floors PDF View Datasheet